The Keto Egg Fast: Rules Risks Recipes Meal Plan

The Keto Egg Fast: Rules, Benefits, Risks, Recipes & Meal Plan

The Keto Egg Fast is among the most well-known approaches for breaking through weight loss plateaus and accelerating fat loss. Basically, it’s a short-term keto diet program based around cheese, butter, and eggs with hardly any exceptions.

Though this strategy makes old-school cardiologists gasp, there are loads of low-carb and keto dieters who implemented the Egg Fast and achieved amazing results. But this does not answer the main question: Can the keto Egg Fast be healthy, safe, and successful for you?

Within this guide, we’ll help you find the answer and explain to you how you can implement the keto Egg Fast meal diet successfully.

What are the Egg Fast rules and origin?

The Egg Fast is a version of the fat burning technique that prioritizes eggs which is one of the main foods of keto.

After learning that eggs have the perfect mixture of amino acids and other nutrients which may boost fat reduction, Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida Low Carb invented a diet program based on eggs and ketosis.

Every day, he’d have six eggs together with grass-fed raw cheese and butter, whereas adhering to a particular mealtime program. With this very simple diet change, he managed to eliminate ~25 lbs (~11.4 kg) within 30 days.

Here’s a comprehensive list of those keto Egg Fast principles he followed:

  • Eat at least six eggs per day.
  • Eat an egg within half an hour of waking up.
  • Eat 1 tbsp (15 g ) of butter, extra virgin olive oil, MCT oil, or some other healthier oil for each egg.
  • Have around (28 g ) of full-fat cheese for each egg consumed.
  • Eat an egg-based meal every three to four hours even when you are not hungry.
  • Have your last meal at least 3h before you go to bed.
  • Go for high-quality food. Local pasture-raised eggs and 100% Nominalgrass-fed, pasture-raised butter and cheese are ideal.
  • Zero-carb beverages like tea, coffee, and diet beverages are permitted. For the best results, keep away from diet beverages and zero carbohydrate sweeteners.
  • Drink plenty of water.

A normal Egg Fast lasts between three to five days since this will be sufficient to conquer a weight loss plateau and encourage ketosis.

It’s not encouraged to adhere to this approach for over five days. Doing this will improve your chance of nutrient deficiencies and digestive issues.

The Food List while on the Egg Fast Diet

For best results, your Egg Fast should just consist of the following foods and beverages:
  • Eggs
  • Full-fat cheese – Stick to cheese with less than 1 gram of net carbs per 28g. Including cheddar, parmesan, swiss, feta, mozzarella, brie, Monterrey jack, cream cheese, mascarpone, and blue cheese. Only eat 28g per egg.
  • Grass-fed butter – consume 1 tbsp of butter (or oil) for each egg.
  • High-quality oil – Extra virgin olive oil, MCT oil, coconut oil, or even some other healthier oil for keto.
  • Zero-carb, beverages – Water, coffee, and tea.

Make sure the rules in the previous section are followed for best results.

How Does This Work and What is The Science Behind The Egg Fast Diet

Article after article asserts miraculous outcomes from utilizing this exceptional strategy. Anecdotal reports make it look like stubborn fat drops off, together with weight loss levels of 1 to 2 pounds daily.

That is exactly what led Jimmy Moore to attempt his very first Egg Fast experimentation.

Choline, particularly, has been proven to play an essential role in controlling fat from the liver. In reality, recent research suggests that choline is vital for optimum liver function and preventing oesophagal fatty liver disorder. (Studies on low carb and keto diets have discovered to help with non-alcoholic fatty liver disorder too.)

That being said, it’s not likely that eating more eggs could promote a substantial increase in fat reduction because of this. Plus, we have to also think about how the keto diet particularly one that includes fish, poultry, low-fat veggies, nuts, and seeds – provides us with exactly the same collection of amino acids and nutrients which are found in eggs.

This leaves us with three science-based mechanisms that better clarify why the keto Egg Fast can violate weight loss plateaus for low carb and keto dieters:

  1. The keto Egg Fast is much more restrictive than a normal keto diet.
  2. Entire eggs encourage satiety. This makes us consume less food at the following meals.
  3. The keto Egg Fast boosts deeper level of ketosis. This can help suppress cravings and curb appetite even further.

In other words, the keto Egg Fast helps us lose fat by ramping the very same mechanisms that encourage fat loss on a normal keto diet.

The Main Benefits of the Keto Egg Fast

Given the fact that this dietary strategy requires you to limit carbs and encourage ketosis, you may experience the very same advantages as the keto diet. Including increased fat reduction, enhanced brain function, decreased inflammation, sustained energy levels, and decreased appetite, amongst others.

If You’re following the Egg Fast after you have been on a keto or low-fat diet, then you will experience the following benefits that stretch beyond your current meal plan:

  • A slight Decrease in liver fat
  • Increased fat loss
  • Greater ketone levels
  • Reduced cravings

Remember, however, this short-term busting tool isn’t right for everybody. Some individuals might worsen their health using this strategy.

Side Effects and Risks

Considering that the keto Egg Fast is basically a restrictive keto diet, the two include comparable dangers and side effects which are based on the person health.

Put differently; if after the keto diet for many weeks wasn’t healthy and powerful for you, then the Egg Fast will likely come with the very same struggles.

Generally, a keto Egg Fast Won’t Be Appropriate for Those Who Have the following requirements:

  • Hypothyroidism that is not enhanced by keto or low-carb dieting.
  • Anybody who has struggled with eating disorders or yo-yo dieting previously.
  • Familial hypercholesterolemia or any other condition that causes dietary cholesterol or saturated fat to worsen your cholesterol levels.

The Egg Fast isn’t possible for vegans and people who avoid eggs for spiritual motives.

If these concerns do not apply to you, then the only side effects you might experience are keto-flu symptoms, such as tiredness and mental fogginess. Fortunately, a number of these signs are modulated by increasing your consumption of water and electrolytes.

Even people that are accustomed to this keto diet may nevertheless experience a moderate variant of the keto flu, because of greater food limitation. For suggestions about the best way to cure these signs (or keep them from occurring ), following the proposals in that our keto flu post.

Should You Attempt the Keto Egg Fast?

Now you know the principles, possible advantages, results, and worst-case scenarios, let us figure out whether it is going to work for you.

The keto Egg Fast will generally work best for:

  • Anybody who wishes to kickstart their keto lifestyle using an easy meal program.
  • Anyone seeking to maximize their ketone levels appreciably.
  • Anybody seeking to promote liver fat reduction.
  • People who have reached a weight loss horizontal line after following a keto diet.

That having been said, the only real way to genuinely figure out whether it is going to do the job for you is by trying it. A 3-day trial will probably be all you wanted to learn whether the keto Egg Fast can help you enhance your fat loss outcomes.

To assist your start, let us take a peek at a few keto-friendly recipes plus also a 3-day meal plan which you could use for your keto Egg Fast.

The Keto Egg Fast Recipes

Keto-Proof Coffee with Eggs

This is my favourite way to sneak into an egg within half an hour of waking up. Simply add an egg yolk (or 2, or 3 ) before mixing your creamy, flavorful keto coffee. Do not worry – it will not test eggy.

Don’t hesitate to cook the egg whites and then take them with cheese or store them to another time you create an omelette or egg wrapping.

The Feta Egg Wrap

Just follow the instructions about the best way to prepare a wrap, include feta (or your own favourite cheeses) as the filling, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil or melted butter and bypass the other ingredients. You’ll discover the wrapping to be somewhere between an omelette and a crepe, with a special texture that you won’t encounter with other Egg Fast recipes.

Keto Scrambled Eggs

If you want to adhere to the keto Egg FAST rules strictly, counter the spinach and thick cream. Remember, however, that thick cream is quite much like butter, which means that you may be a little more lenient with this particular ingredient.

Don’t forget to eat 1 tbsp of oil or butter for each scrambled egg. You might even add in some excess cheese if you would like, but do not exceed 28g per egg.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Among the easiest approaches to adhere to the Egg Fast is using hard-boiled eggs as the foundation of your meal. Drizzle with one tbsp of olive oil or melted butter and add salt to taste.

You can also chop the eggs to produce an egg-fast-friendly egg salad.

Simple Egg Salad

Though many egg salad recipes call for a lot of ingredients which don’t match the rules, it’s still possible to create it after down it into its essential elements: hard-boiled eggs, an egg yolk, and oil.

Astonishingly enough, the oil and egg yolk is all you need to make a satisfying keto mayo. Simply throw an egg yolk when incorporating oil one drop at a time to emulsify it into a creamy mayo.

Once you had produced the mayo, chop the hard-boiled eggs and combine both. Add pepper, salt, and shredded cheese for taste if desired.

Cheese Chips using Egg Fast Mayo

You might even use the 2-ingredient mayo in the above recipe for a dip for cheese chips.

Use the leftover egg from the mayo to make scrambled eggs or egg wraps afterwards.

Egg and Cheese Baskets

If you would rather have your eggs sunny side up, or over easy, give the cheese basket part of the recipe a go. while your cheese baskets are baking, cook your eggs in butter (while utilizing a ramekin to get a perfectly sized egg).

After the baskets are done, lay a boiled egg on every basket. To stick to the Egg Fast rules just, use about a quarter cup of shredded cheese for every basket plus one tablespoon of butter or oil for every egg.

Ultimate Breakfast Roll-Ups

Simply omit the sausage and Turkey bacon and use any keto cheeses you want as the filling.

Since every roll up consists of 2 eggs, use up to 60g of cheese and two tbsp of oil or butter with each roll-up.

3 days Keto Egg Fast Diet Meal Plan

Most Egg Fast Plans will include 3 to 4 meals every day, so we made the subsequent strategy around four meals. When personalizing this meal program, be sure to maintain the Egg Fast rules in your mind!

Day 1 – Yamy Feta Wraps

  • Meal 1 – Ketoproof Coffee with egg yolk added (within 30 min of waking up). Scramble the excess egg whites or store them for the next meal.
  • Meal 2 – One Feta Egg Wrap (2.5 eggs). (3 to 5 h later)
  • Meal 3 – One feta Egg Wrap (2.5 eggs). (3 to 5 h later)
  • Meal 4 – One Breakfast Roll-Up (2 eggs). (3 to 5 h later)

Day 2 — Mayo and Hard-boiled Eggs

  • Meal 1 -Ketoproof coffee* with one hard-boiled egg. Hard-boil at least five more eggs for later in the day. (within 30 min of waking up)
  • Meal 2 – Simple Egg Salad (3-4 hard-boiled eggs). (3 to 5 h later)
  • Meal 3 – Cheese Chips with Egg Fast Mayo. (3 to 5 h later)
  • Meal 4 – Egg and Cheese Omelette or Egg Wraps (use enough eggs to increase your intake to at least six whole eggs, and add any extra egg whites). (3 to 5 h later)

Day 3 – Cheesy Simple and easy

  • Meal 1 – Ketoproof coffee* with one breakfast rollup (2 eggs). (within 30 min of waking up)
  • Meal 2 – One Breakfast Roll-up (with 2 eggs, 2 oz. cheese, and 2 tbsp of butter). (3 to 5 h later)
  • Meal 3 – One Breakfast Roll-up (with 2 eggs, 2 oz. cheese, and 2 tbsp of butter). (3 to 5 h later)
  • Meal 4 -One Breakfast Roll-up (with 2 eggs, 2 oz. cheese, and 2 tbsp of butter). (3 to 5 h later)

If you aren’t a tea or coffee drinker (or you would rather not include an egg yolk), then don’t hesitate to substitute the very first meal with a few of those additional recipes or an egg cooked to your taste.

*Note: Every cup of keto proof coffee includes a single tablespoon of butter and 1 tbsp of coconut oil. At the close of the afternoon, be sure to balance out your general oil and butter intake to 1 tablespoon with each egg.

The Way to Move Away from the Keto Egg Fast

The very best method to transition from your Egg Fast is by adhering to a keto diet that’s healthy and effective for you. The Easiest way to do this is by using these 3 measures as your guide:

  • Update your targets based on your outcomes. Your nutritional supplement demands will change based on how much weight you’re losing. Use a Keto Calculator to adjust your daily intake according to your new weight and goals.
  • Add healthy nutrient and dense keto foods into your diet. To satisfy your new protein and fat consumption objectives, rely on minimally-processed keto-friendly foods. You can discover the healthiest choices and recipes in our post about 16 Top Foods you Can Eat on a Ketogenic Diet.
  • Monitor your own health and wellness throughout the procedure. With almost any dietary modification, it’s very important to monitor your psychological health, blood test results, and body to ensure that your lifestyle is sustainable and healthy for you.

Remember, however, your weight will obviously change from day to day as you transition your off the Egg Fast. That is the reason why we advocate waiting until you have followed your regular diet plan for at least 4-6 weeks prior to you reassess your results and make additional modifications to your keto lifestyle.

FAQs about Keto Egg Fasting and the Meal Plan

Before we deliver this manual to a close, let us have a look at some frequent concerns we have yet to tackle right:

Should I be ketosis prior to egg fasting?

The Egg Fast can be effective irrespective of your existing ketone levels. But if you’re not in ketosis before applying this strategy, you’ll have an elevated probability of experiencing keto flu symptoms.

Can I use the Egg Fast strategy to start Ketosis?

Like the fat burning technique, the Egg Fast can allow you to enter ketosis faster than a normal keto diet.

I really don’t enjoy hard-boiled eggs, can I do the egg Fast?

Yes, prepare your eggs the way you like or follow day 1 or and 3 of of the meal program for 3 to 5 days.

Could I eat anything I need after following the meal plan?

For optimum effects, it’s ideal to research a healthful, sustainable keto diet. Adhering to a high-carb diet following the egg quickly will encourage rapid weight gain which could exceed what was lost.

Could I use your meal plan to get a 5-day fast?

Yes, you can – don’t hesitate to replicate your favourite days or recipes. Just be sure that you are after the egg rules.

Could I follow the Egg Fast for more than 5-days If I am feeling great?

It’s ideal to concentrate your efforts on creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle instead of stretching the fast.

How frequently can I follow an Egg Fast?

For optimum wellness and health, it could be best to use this technique sparingly. The Egg Fast can provoke nutrient deficiencies and yo-yo dieting cycles which may wear away at physical and psychological wellbeing over time.

We recommend focusing your efforts on creating a keto lifestyle which makes it possible to enhance your health, wellbeing, and body without feeling limited.

Key Takeaways – Your Egg Fast, Maintaining Your Success, along with Your Keto Lifestyle

The keto Egg Fast may encourage amazing weight loss outcomes, but the mechanism behind its advantages are not new. In reality, this fat reduction tool is based on many of the very same things responsible for keto achievement.

The one thing which gives it a small advantage over a conventional ketogenic diet is a simple fact that it’s more restrictive. By obeying the Egg Fast rules, you end up eating less food and boosting deep levels of ketosis, which can help you break through your weight loss stall.

As soon as you’ve successfully finished your keto Egg Fast, we advocate refocusing your efforts on formulating a keto lifestyle that’s sustainable and healthy to you.

If you want to Find out More about how to customize your daily diet, read our other articles and recipes.



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